3M Impact

At the heart of 3M’s culture is the desire to solve problems – through our science and technology, but also through our people. This solutions-based mindset inspired the creation of the 3M Impact program, empowering 3Mers to do what they do best – make an impact. Because with creativity, collaboration and a shared sense of purpose, no problem is unsolvable.

About 3M Impact

8 3Mers standing outside a 3M building in Peru.

3M Impact is a portfolio of skills-based volunteer service programs where 3Mers use their expertise to assist local nonprofit organizations or social enterprises to maximize their impact. According to Taproot Foundation, 92% of nonprofit organizations report a lack of critical resources. The 3M Impact program addresses this challenge by pairing teams of 3Mers with organizations in need of assistance overcoming a barrier or challenge in order to grow their services in the community.

3M Impact projects are designed to increase organizational effectiveness, build greater capacity for goods and services, and create long-lasting change for the partner organizations. 3M volunteers build cultural competence, spur innovative thinking, and develop as leaders.

3M Impact Programs

3M Impact

3M’s flagship program, diverse teams of 3Mers travel internationally and remain on site, in-country, for two weeks.

3M Impact

3Mers partner with organizations in their own backyard – benefitting the communities where they live and work.

3M Impact
In a Day

A service hackathon connecting 3Mers with local nonprofits seeking functional expertise on a specific project.

3M Impact by the Numbers

3M Impact partners with organizations that align to 3M’s Strategic Sustainability Framework, advancing our commitments to Science for Circular, Science for Climate, and Science for Community. Organization participation is invitation only. Learn more about our implementation partners by visiting their websites directly – Taproot Foundation and PYXERA Global.

  • 300+ Organizations that have worked with 3M Impact teams
  • 30+ Countries that have hosted 3M Impact programs
  • 80,000+ Hours volunteered by 3M employees
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