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Driving equity in our communities

3M improves lives and builds sustainable communities through social investments and thoughtful engagement of 3Mers worldwide. Through STEM and skilled trades education, environmental programs and hometown giving, we support initiatives that impact communities and provide solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges. 

Graphic representing 3M's charitable contributions - Total Giving of $82.1M, cash donations $50.0M, and In-Kind Donations of $31.1M.


Our Focus Areas

STEM and Skilled Trades Education

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Climate Change and Circular Economy

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Hometown Needs

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Volunteerism and employee engagement

3M employees and alumni volunteer their time, talents and expertise to improve lives in their communities. Thousands of 3Mers participate through 3Mgives volunteer programs, mentoring students and youth, serving on nonprofit boards and helping people in need around the world.

Our flagship skills-based service program, 3M Impact, gives 3Mers the opportunity to travel to a different country, where they spend two immersive weeks collaborating with a local nonprofit organization or social enterprise to contribute to a solution for a pressing social or environmental issue.

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Matching Gifts

3M offers matching gifts to eligible contributions of 3Mers’ time and donations, including:


Are you a 3M retiree looking to submit your matching gift requests? Click here
Please note that this link will redirect you to CyberGrants, 3M’s authorized matching programs software provider.

If you are a current 3M employee, click the link above if you are not connected to the 3M network, or log in via single-sign on.

3M Volunteer Match

  • 3M employees and retirees located in the U.S. are eligible
  • Earn $20 per hour from 3M for the qualifying organization(s) where you volunteer, up to $500 (or 25 hours) per calendar year 
  • Annual hours due December 31
  • 3M Volunteer Match guidelines (PDF, 109.5KB) 
3M Nonprofit Portal Access

Nonprofit partners can click the links below to access 3M's matching gift portals. Click on "3M Matching Gifts Confirmation Portal" if gifts or service require confirmation or additional information (such as the 3M Board Service Match and 3M College and University Match programs). To access donor details and payment information, click on "3M Matching Gifts Payment Portal."

3M Grantmaking

Thank you for your interest in 3M community giving and for the work you lead to improve well-being in your community. At this time 3M is an invitation-only funder.

3M's Terms & Conditions apply to all 3M corporate investments. Acceptance of 3M funds constitutes agreement. See the complete Terms & Conditions here.

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